Seamless affiliate links on editorial content.

Add affiliate links outside of gift giving or product-centric content. Add affiliate links to monetize content as part of any image without derailing a story with clunky text teeing up a product.

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A familiar
look and feel.

Companies like Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon have crafted amazing UI for getting the most engagement from content- but they kept those features exclusive to their platforms.

We wanted to take all the best practices, including teasers and intuitive interaction triggers, to mirror that same optimized experience for Publishers and Affiliate Marketers.

Shoppable product tags let you highlight items from your catalog directly in your images- so people can easily tap or click on a tag to learn more.

Link however you'd like,
we'll just optimize.

High quality with reader experience top of mind.

Maintain highly authentic content with integrity top of mind. Your posts and articles can now stay focused on the subject matter, without cheesy sponsored pieces breaking up your story.

Developed with best practices from leading social media and eCommerce platforms, tags will only show when interacted with and can be configured to otherwise stay hidden.

The analytics publishers and affiliate marketers need.

Easily see which affiliate partners are the most aligned with your content, what themes and commonalities they have, and optimize with actionable engagement data directly associated to your partners, affiliate links and more. Once live, enjoy automated native tracking that's cookieless and future proof.

Connect with Google Analytics for even greater insights.

Your partners deserve
the most,
and so do you.

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