3 Key Types of Shoppable Content Magazines Are Focusing on in 2023
April 3, 2023

3 Key Types of Shoppable Content Magazines Are Focusing on in 2023

In the 2023 digital landscape, magazines and content publications always look for new ways to increase revenue using their website content. One strategy that is gaining popularity is leveraging shoppable content to boost affiliate revenue, but there are different key best practices to do so. By adding shoppable product tags to content, publishers can create a seamless shopping experience for readers, while also generating additional revenue and tracking it all with partner-specific, product-specific, and custom analytics. Here are the top three ways of leveraging shoppable content for publishers and magazines that can help increase their websites’ affiliate revenue:

1: Maximizing Opportunities on Advertorial and Partner Content

Incorporating shoppable product tags into advertorial features or affiliate linking

Magazines often feature advertorials or affiliate content that promotes specific products or brands. Historically each text link or image used would only be able to link users to a single page or destination. By adding shoppable product tags to these features, publishers can efficiently highlight multiple products at once and scale up affiliate links, making it easier for readers to purchase products while browsing content. This approach not only generates additional revenue but also provides a seamless shopping experience for readers.

2: Subtly Monetizing Previously Wasted Content

Adding subtle affiliate links to partners on non-product-centric stories

Even non-product-centric stories, such as "10 Best Outfits of the Week," can generate affiliate revenue for magazines by adding affiliate links to partners and brands mentioned in the content. Shoppable product tags can be toggled only to appear when interacted with, providing a non-intrusive experience for readers while still generating affiliate revenue.

3: Moving Away from Brand or General Collection Linking

Capitalizing on user intent click-thru

By including multiple product-specific links instead of linking to collections or general pages, magazines can capitalize on user intent click-thru. This approach allows readers to quickly find and purchase the products they're interested in, creating a seamless and efficient shopping experience that can boost revenue.

Unlocking additional revenue using already existing content is completely doable. Don’t be late as shoppable content for websites and magazines is a powerful tool for generating higher affiliate revenue. By incorporating shoppable product tags into advertorial features or affiliate linking, adding affiliate links to non-product-centric stories, and capitalizing on user intent click-thru, publishers can turn organic content into affiliate revenue and drive sales. With the rise of e-commerce, it's important for publishers to stay on top of the latest trends in digital marketing, and shoppable content is a strategy that will pay off even in their space.

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