A familiar
look and feel.

Companies like Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon have crafted amazing UI for getting the most engagement and conversions from content- but they kept those features exclusive to their platforms.

We wanted to take all the best practices, including teasers and intuitive interaction triggers, to mirror that same optimized experience for eCommerce websites.

Shoppable product tags let you highlight items from your catalog directly in your images- so people can easily tap or click on a tag to learn more.

Track products throughout your content.

All the data you could ask for. Track specific tags, or products and attributes across all your content. Add any attribute that matters to your business. Build a foundation of actionable engagement analytics to optimize performance.

Shopping streamlined.

Streamline the customer journey and make it easier for your customers to find the products they are interested in.

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Shoppable product tags for all your eCommerce content.

Boost AOV and

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